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~~OMG You guys, I'm so sorry. I haven't been writing this story at ALL, and instead started like, 4-5 Homestuck fanfics(That I'm not going to post because I suck at writing) I am so sorry DX~~

~~GuYs, It FiNaLlY hApPeNeD, I bOaRdEd ThE hOmEsTuCk ShIp! TaVrOs, ErIdAn, AnD gAmZeE aRe My FaVoRiTeS~~

~~~Yes, I am fully awware that no one actually cares~~~

"Sooo... _____, Truth.. or Dare?"
I death-glared the perverted gaming demon to my left on the couch. He simply smiled back at me, still awaiting my answer.
Me: Are you stupid?? I'm not playing this, especially with you two.
Smexy and BEN both received the Stare of Death from me before I returned to playing (Fvideogame) on the HD flat screen above the fireplace mantle.
Ben: Wow, you're pretty far in the game. Be a shame if something..... happened to it.....
Drawing back my arm with the controller in hand to hit the pasta, I said through clenched teeth,
Me: You wouldn't dare..
It took me DAYS to get to this level, I swear if he even lays a FINGER(on my butterfinger XD) on the controller, I WILL rip his arm off.
Ben: Play with us, and I won't touch your game. Choose wisely~
Jeff, BEN, E. Jack, L. Jack, Slendy and Smexy stared at me, even though the choice was obvious. With my arm still drew back, I slowly lowered it and sighed in defeat.
Me: Fine.

We gathered on the large, ornate rug next to the fireplace except Slendy and Smexy, they leaned against the wall.
Slendy: I can't believe I'm taking place in such childish affairs.
Me: Then why're you here?
Slendy: *Sigh* I'm bored.
Me: The rest of you bored?
They all muttered "Yeah" in unison. Ben just shrugged.
BEN: I just wanted to spend time with you guys.
A roar of laughter arose in the room, even BEN started laughing.
Me: *Laughing too hard to speak correctly* Good one!
BEN: Anyways, let the game begin! ____, Truth or Dare?
Me: No, me first since you dragged me in to this. BEN, Truth or Dare?
BEN: Dare~
Me: Ooooh, you shouldn't have done that. I dare you to...

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United States
Immah pretty laid back person. Jus' a simple summary about me:
I like:
Hollywood Undead<3, BOTDF, creepypastas, Invader ZIM, tacos, drawing, writing, Uberhaxornova, Sp00n, Kootra, Tobuscus, Pewds, Danisnotonfire, Skillet, Avenged Sevenfold, My Darkest Days, Homestuck, did I mention Hollywood Undead~??

I dislike:
Yaoi pairings(I have nothing against gays/lesbians/bi's. HOMESTUCK IS AN EXCEPTION ((I know, I'm such a hypocrite DX)) Justin Bieber, One Direction, people who don't know the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE, and a buttload of other stuff.
You can try to piss me off all you'd like, but I'm hard to crack ;o)

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charaters names r; alyxis, zanye, anita, and i havent figured out the other charaters names yet. so yeah :icondancinggirplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconmeowscrollplz: :iconevilgrinplz:
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